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put some coke into my IV please...

First of all, let it be known that i am doing this in the name of Science.

and for this i expect that Science will do me a good turn and in some way pay me back. 

I have a lab experiment this week on protein and their connection in increasing the amount of ketones in the body. This experiment, however, requires a subject to totally.. TOTALLY remove carbohydrates (this includes sugar, starch...carrots, potatoes...anythign edible) from their diet for about 2-3 days. It did say that i could use someone else who was willing- but seeing as my mom's diabetic, my dad has a fatty liver and my sister who lives on nothing but carbs- i am the only one in the whole world who i could safely do this experiment, as well as not get grossed out by the thought of having to get urine samples. And so I, Jan Micole Ong, guinea pig for a couple of days embraked on what seemed like a feasible journey to ketosis.

Day ONE:

I had black coffee (not even artificial cream passes) and a whole lot of ham (to compensate for the lack of a ham SANDWICH) for breakfast. Went to school and totally forgot to pack lunch with me- so i went to the cafeteria and looked for something to eat- hamburger (has a patty), wrap (has the wrap), stew on rice (duh)... OH- Chicken strips!!! looks down on the menu "chicken fingers coated in a light crispy batter." (NOOOOOOOO!!!) Good thing classes ended at 2 so i was able to rush home and make lunch of a two-egg omelette and a chicken leg. My sister comes homw from school- eating a friggin bag of popcorn and guzzling a can of heavenly pop. By this time I am cranky, hungry, and totally way past the sugar crash zone- so yes, I have imagines my shobe as a giant plate of pancakes....yum.  for dinner: a can of tuna and a hardboiled egg.


Day  TWO:

Totally sleepy, decided to forgo the black coffee and just drink water and have yet another egg for breakfast, with a couple of slices to turkey. Went to school ready with another can of tuna (meow) and pepperoni sticks. Had a film showing in class- so everyone got coke, cookies, popcorn...*sigh*.

I'm still halfway through my experiment and I am about to kill myself!

I need Coke! i need syrup! I need BREAD!!! (like the crossaints waiting for me on the table)

I i have to eat yet another egg.. or tuna... GAH.

On Thursday... CARB FEST!
I was googling myself a while ago out of sheer boredom coupled with exhaustion (a bad combination if you ask me) ang guess what i found???


hahahahahaha! interesting! wonder how they came up with the name???

Gimme More.. Savage Garden Style.

I though i was the only one with this crazy song stuck in my head- and unfortunately- i find it very catchy... much to the chagrin of my sister.

but then apparently Darren Hayes thinks the same way too- and here you go- an acoustic version of the ever popular Britney single.


21 blues

A day more to go till i officially turn legal anywhere in the whole world. (maybe not in the universe- but then, i can only go so far...)

Am i excited? maybe.

Happy? most probably not.

I know it's pathetic- i am already scared of turning a year older when i am not even a quarter of a century old (and to think i don't even want to reach 80 therefore i am already a quarter of my life old). But then it's not age i am scared of... it's the fact that i am almost 21 and yet i feel like I'm still 18. Seriously. Would it be any different if i were still in the Philippines? Probably- but then it's bound to catch up on me sooner or later- i guess it's better that i realize it now that it's still 21 and not... 30.

I guess it's time to step up to the plate of adulthood- as unrealistic and unsavory that sounds.

On a totally unrelated un-adult-y note....

I need to know what happens in W.I.T.C.H!!! I caught an episode on the FRENCH channel (the TV series) and now i realized that i missed that damn comic series! haaaaaaaay- and i checked- they don't publish it here in Canada. Dang.

eto lang masasabi ko for the moment...

Archaeology paper- 1....Micole's brain- 0


i may be pathetic but...

i think i'm having a slight infatuation with Pushing Daisies' Lee Pace.. he's my wallpaper now too.. hahahaha

okai- i AM obsessed...

She Wants To Move

Why is it always me and my neck? Last time i had the same stiff neck- but in like 2 days i was fine... NOW it's gonna take like 3-4 days of recovery- all because of the cold weather. And Doctor's recommendation???

Doc: You don't move around much when you sleep, don't you?
Me: Err... like RARELY is the correct term...
Me: Then how is that supposed to BE SLEEP???
Doc: I don't know about you- but NORMAL people move around when they sleep... i can even guess what position you slept in..
Me: *creeped out* yeah? how?
Doc: flat on you back with the head turned on one side- and i bet you stuck in that position for more than two hours.
Me: *guilty* yeah.... but that WAS supposed to be sleep!

What about my mom's recommendation??

Mom: Ah, the doctor might be right on some point, but it's your stupid room- why do you keep the thermostat so low?? It's the coldness...
Me: KaC...
Mom: ... and why did you have to eat those chocolates- you know those chocolates hate you- every time you eat them you get sick- they're ya diet ... what were you thinking???
Me: That the chocolates were gooooood... hahahahaha.
Mom: THAT'S your problem- CONTROL. Not some stupid 'not-moving' syndrome.

So what pray tell- is wrong??? How i sleep and what i eat- which are TWO of the most important things in anyone's life...(in my opinion)

I just want to mooooove... :(( I can't stay home anymore- watching People's court the whole day is driving me NUTS. I even ruined my Sim's life just to have something to do (and now i totally regret it.. boo)

Plastic Slave

I never thought that it'll happen to me- i used to laugh at the people in those talk shows like Oprah who go like "i am such a slave to my credit card" or "i spent too much on the credit card and now i'm in debt"...

and here i am being a slave of the plastic.

It's a good thing that it's not THAT extreme that i go into debt or go over my credit limit. I have to give creds to my mom for disciplining me that much. And usually i use my card to pay for family expenses like groceries and then my mom just pays me back. So technically- those HUGE sums are not mainly mine (though i eat the groceries...and it's not as if i don't add some extra stuff :P) But seriously you guys should've seen my face when i was paying for the bus passes. My sister said it was the nearest to a heart attack my face was ever gonna get to.

But it really makes me think that if i need to pay for these important things- that is without utilities and taxes and other bills my mom have decided to take under their wing- and still be able to indulge myself with the little what-nots... I might as well be near that whole plastic-card-problem. AND in that problem when i start living on my own- which i target in about 3-5 years.

Heck- i don't even carry cash anymore- THAT alone is scary. So that's it- you are all my witnesses. NO MORE SPENDING ON TRIVIAL STUFF for like a month. THEN i'll save up and then go do some Christmas shopping for you guys :P and of course- a bday gift for me.. hahahaha

Speaking of personal Bday gifts... I'm thinking of saving up for the new iPod Nano (video) hahaha- did you guys hear anything about it? I like the song in the commercial too (Feist's 1234) I know i have my own phone's mp3 player- but it can only carry so much... *NOTE: just checked the website- there's no more of the product (RED)!!! noooooooo!*

Haaay what a materialistic world I am living in.